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How to make an order online

Orders from Marise can only be done online, although would love to take your orders by any mean, but due to credit card restrictions we are sorry can’t except any orders except on


Step By Step Guide:

        1. Choose Your Product

Navigate between different products & Product categories on till you choose a product.

After you click “Add to cart” if you want to continue shopping or "Pay Now" to begin the checkout process.

        2. Review Cart

Once done shopping you need to review your cart, if you need to adjust quantity, or if you change your mind about a product at this stage you can modify quantity or remove items.   

        3. Shipping Information

If your cart is complete you  need to click “Proceed to checkout” Continue to Billing & Shipping Information, fill each step & click continue

“Shipping Address” This is where you want your product shipped to (applicable for physical product).

        4. Shipping Method

This is where you specify how fast you would like to have your items (Regular / Express)

        5. Billing Information

 “Billing Address” This is the address that would be on sale invoice associated with your credit card (This is the address where your credit card statement is sent)

A Valid Email Address & a phone number is required at this stage in order to give you updates about your order

In the event that your billing info is similar to your shipping info please click the box to use the same address

        6. Payment Method

We accept credit card payments (MasterCard, Visa, and American Express) & we also accept payments through PayPal

In this section you can put your credit card number, expiration date and CVV code.

Then you need to process your payment

         7. Finalize Your Order

Last step, you need to press Place Order to complete the process

You should then be routed to a page confirming order processed, order number and a confirmation email will be received within the 24h after after placing the order. 

Once order is processed and shipped another email would be received with your shipping information



Occasionally, in the event of high order volume for a particular item it may cause us to run out of stock.  If one of the items on your order is not available, we will notify you by phone and / or email immediately.

If by any chance an out-of-stock item is no longer available, we have no choice than to cancel your order and notify you either by phone and / or email.



The use of the promo codes is easy and simple

  • Do the previous steps till you reach your cart
  • At checkout please input that promo code and press apply , a confirmation message would confirm that code is applied ( in the event that the code has exceptions a message would confirm code not applied )
  • Once code applied // Please proceed for checkout